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Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Reporting

16 weeks Program. 100 % Virtual Class. Career Coach and Mentorship

You will master the technical aspects of data gathering and data governance. You will also learn to use and manage multiple databases, then apply these skills to develop corporate reports using specific reporting tools.

Join hundreds of thousands of Global Tech workers who are working remotely from their locations and earning in foreign currencies, or get visa sponsorship jobs to work in America, Canada, Europe and any other worldwide locations


Our programs are currently 16 weeks long (approx 4 months).

Three times a week (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) 7pm - 9pm West Africa Time

Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week in class and extra hours a week outside of class.

All classes will be virtual via Zoom.

Yes, we have dedicated staff members that will answer your questions.

During the program, you will have access to comprehensive learning resources, including video lectures, tutorials, hands-on exercises, and case studies.

A laptop or desktop is required. Monitor and other peripherals are optional.

Our training program is designed to cater to learners with various level of experience. While prior experience in Business Intelligence or data Analysis can be helpful, it is not a prerequisite. Our program is from zero to hero.


ScaleUp Tech Academy is an online interactive training program in data. We are currently based out of Calgary, Canada. We offer a virtual training program in Business Intelligence, Data analysis and Reporting.


Who We Are

ScaleUp Tech Academy is an online interactive training program in data. We are based out of Calgary, Canada.


What We Do

ScaleUp Tech Academy offers virtual training program in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Reporting. This Program is offered twice a year in cohorts.


Our Mission

To provide our students with good mentorship and industry leading training so they can build a rewarding career in data.


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Need a new career?

No Prior IT industry experience needed. The academy is great for absolute beginners and technology professionals who want to expand their knowledge of tech.


The BI and Data Analysis program was a game-changer for me in securing a remote tech job. The programs comprehensive curriculum provided in-depth training on data analysis and reporting tools, making me proficient in industry-standard skills. Additionally, the programs career services team worked tirelessly to connect me with companies that offered remote positions. I highly recommend this program as your pathway to success.

Agyei Kwadwo

Before taking the Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Reporting program, I felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of data within my organization. However, this program completely transformed my perspective and equipped me with the skills to not only analyze data effectively but also generate valuable insights

Amy Mothembe

This program exceeded all my expectations. As someone with a limited technical background, I was initially hesitant to enroll. However, the instructors broke down complex concepts into easily understandable modules and provided hands-on guidance throughout the program. This program truly empowered me to become a valuable asset in my organization's data-driven initiatives.

James Author

The Business Intelligence program opened doors to tech job opportunities with visa sponsorship that I never thought possible. The programs curriculum not only covered the technical aspects of BI and data analysis, but also prepared me for the new work environment. The instructors shared insights into collaboration tools and strategies, making me a desirable candidate for the positions.

Nduka Azubuike