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Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Reporting

16 weeks Program. 100 % Virtual Class. Career Coach and Mentorship


The Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Reporting program will use the Microsoft SQL Server and Business intelligence toolset to give you the skills you need to develop, administer and analyze corporate data. You will learn industry-standard data management best practices and techniques. You will master the technical aspects of data gathering using SQL Server within a Windows platform. You will also learn to use and manage multiple databases, then apply these skills to develop corporate reports using specific reporting tools.


Demo Demonstration

See it in action! Our instructors will demonstrate the material, providing you with clear examples of how to apply it in practice.

hand-on experience Hands-on experience

Get your hands dirty! Our courses provide ample opportunity for hands-on learning, so you can apply the material yourself and develop practical skills.

projects Projects

Make it your own! Our project-based learning approach allows you to work on real-world problems and develop solutions that you can apply in the real world.

quizzes Assignments & Quizzes

Put your knowledge to the test! Our assessments provide you with the opportunity to solidify your learning, and get feedback on your progress so you can identify areas for improvement.


people learning

This program is offered through a virtual platform. Class sessions are held three times a week (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) 7pm - 9pm West Africa Time., with each session lasting a duration of two (2) hours. Regular attendance is required, and students are expected to be present in the learning environment by the scheduled start time of the class. Additional course requirements and grading standards are communicated by the course instructor. This course is meant to be taught in a way that encourages students to be active learners and source of knowledge for other classmates. These are two skills that are absolutely essential to succeed as a tech professional.

Requirements to succeed in the Program